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Visiting Dr. Bouchard and her staff is always a pleasure (as pleasurable as going to the dentist can be). She and her staff are some of the most friendly people that you will ever meet, and will work with you until you and they are satisfied with the results. They take great care in treating you with care and in addition, they are up to date with modern techniques and procedures. Jeff H.

This office rates five stars for every element of the service they provide. Furthermore, it is consistently five star with each visit. They are always friendly, professional, extremely competent, and the office is spotless and bright. The only negative comment I will make is that it's too bad there are not six stars in the rating system. John S.

This is a clean, modern, and very well run dental office. Staff is friendly and accommodating from the front desk to the dental chair! I had an excellent visit with no area for improvement! Karin W.

I just wanted to come in and give you a hug and thank you in person. My plate feels great! I was able to chew nuts, and ribs and all kinds of other things! I am so happy and I can't thank you enough. Peter D.

This is the best partial I've ever had. I treat this thing like gold. It fits so well. Arleen L.

Either you have a good touch or you don't, and you have a good touch! I am very pleased. This was very good care. Jack K.

I love this office. I feel so comfortable here. I tell everyone I know to come here. Cyndi P.

Dr. Kelly Bouchard and her staff are second to none. They're very friendly and personable while maintaining a professional manner. They make every visit a pleasant one, no matter what your visit is for. First class equipment and atmosphere. I highly recommend you visit for your first consultation, you'll not be disappointment. David R.

You do the most fabulous work. I feel like I have crowns or something. No other dentist has been able to build my front teeth up with bonding like that. Dawn V.

This is the best dental office I have ever been to. You guys are amazing. I have been telling all of my friends about you. Kerry B.

Thanks for doing that for me and thanks for all that you guys do over there. You guys are wonderful. Skip G.

People ask me why I drive all the way to West Springfield to get my dental work done, and *that* is why. Jodi H

I didn't feel a thing. Those were the best easiest extractions I've ever had. I felt no pain. Jim R.

That was the best exam I've ever had-very thorough. (And after adjustment) My bite and jaw already feel so much better. My friend told me if I came here, I'd be happy and she was right! Linda D.

I am 76 years old and have moved several times so I have seen many dental offices. This one is outstanding in every way! Ruth H.

In case I haven't told you lately, you guys are the best. Sunny C.

Going to the dentist has always been very taboo for me, but I am so comfortable here. I have never been so comfortable at the dentist before. Maria A.

I feel very happy to be your patient. I feel so much better here. Bright H.

I have to tell you- after I left here the last time, I couldn't believe it. I had no pain, the novocaine was great, I could eat and drink. That was the best dental appointment I have ever had. Len M.

I love my new smile. John M.

That was awesome, easy and quick! Jemma P.

In all the cavities I have ever had filled, this was the least painful ever. Even the shot. You have that down pat. Craig B.

Thank you so much for fixing my son's 2 front teeth. They look wonderful.  Susan P.

I used to be so nervous to come to the dentist, even for cleanings. I wouldn't sleep the night before. But now that I started coming here, I'm not anxious or nervous. I even slept last night. I feel so comfortable here. I even came to my appointment early! Karin W.

I just want to let you know that you are the best. Thank you. Cyndi R.

I have never been so informed and had things explained to me in this way before. I'm so glad I came here. Betty P.

You guys are the best. The best! Thank you. Sandy C.

You two were very reassuring. And I didn't feel a thing! Howie K.

Dr. Bouchard has been an excellent dentist for me, caring, and very understanding of needs. I have saved 2 of my molars, as pain came out of the blue, timely care helped save my teeth. She has an excellent support staff who are very accommodating for your appointment, never frustrated with changes I have made. I will recommend with NO hesitation. Vishal T.

My friend was on Facebook asking for a new dentist. I called her right up and told her she needs to see you. I used to hate the dentist, and now I love it. Anonymous

When I needed a dentist, someone told me that I could get free x-rays and a free exam somewhere else.  But I said "No, I don't want free.  I want the best."  So I said "I'm going to find the sharpest person I know with the nicest teeth and I'm going to ask her where she goes."  So I did that, and this is why I'm here and I am so glad that I did it.  Thank you!  Sue B.

This is the best set of dentures I have ever had. They are excellent. I couldn't believe it. I am so happy, I can't even tell you.  Rosemary D.

Oh my gosh, I was a wreck about this, and I didn't even know that I was at the dentist. They look great! And I have to tell you that I didn't even feel a thing. Kate P.

I went home and wrote my Facebook post as "Best dentist ever!"  Really, I told my husband that he needs to come in and see you. Thank you. Pattie B.

Dr. Bouchard made me feel so comfortable that I am not even nervous about coming back for my filling. The entire staff is wonderful.  Janet G.

What a difference between these dentures that you made me and my old ones. I can't even believe it! This must be what modern dentistry feels like. They feel great! Eileen B.

I have to tell you - that was the best dental experience I've ever had. James V.

I wanted to call you to let you know that the crowns you did are perfect. I've had no problems. Thank you.   Cyndi R.

Can I tell you something? I have been so petrified of the dentist until now. I just feel so comfortable here. Thank you so much. Anonymous

You are just the sweetest person, and you did the perfect thing for me. You are a dear. Thank you. Lilian V.

My family loved my new teeth. My son-in-law wants to get dentures now. In fact, my granddaughter didn't even know that I had teeth in with my old set because they were so small it looked like I was missing my top teeth! But these are great and everyone loves them!  Sandra G.

The tooth that you fixed the last time feels great. You can't even tell it's there! And I have never had a dentist do the novocaine the way you do it. I didn't even feel it.  Jim B.

I wanted to stop in to say thank you. You did a beautiful job and I hope I never need this again (implants and bridge), but if I do, I'm coming here. And I'm telling everyone about you. You truly care about the patients and that's a nice touch. You, the staff, everyone...I'm so thankful.  Joe M.

I appreciate the gentle touch.  Bryan P.

Thank you so much Dr. Bouchard. You are very nice and painless. Sunny C.I don't get things done that often, but I didn't even feel that. That was amazing. Thank you.  Arleen L.

You are a pro with that thing. I'm still traumatized from my childhood, so I'm always nervous and then I remember how you good you are with that. (the injections) Lisa E.

Everything is gone.  I can't believe it.  It's like a new paint job!  Harold S.

That was the first time I've ever not felt the shot.  Thank you.  Joe P.

Dr. Bouchard is amazing at giving novocaine. It never hurts! I brag about her to my mother because she is so gentle.    Donna H.

Dr. Bouchard and her staff are an incredibly professional team. She is such a considerate boss with her staff.    Joshua M.

First Dentist I am happy with.  Alaa T.

You aim to be pain-free, and pain-free it was.  Alan Z.

That was the smoothest novocaine I've ever not felt!  Rebecca Z.

Thanks Doc.  You are an excellent dentist, and you have an excellent side-kick.  John G.

One patient came in and said she had told her co-worker she found the best dentist.  Her co-worker said "No, I have the best dentist."  When she asked her who it was, and her co-worker said "Dr. Bouchard" she said "that's my dentist too!"   Cynthia O. and Jennifer H.

I think I finally found my dentist, I am so comfortable here.  I am so glad that I found you and I cannot thank you enough.  It's nice to have you two in the room.  Thank you.  Dorothy U.

I didn't even feel anything, that was painless!  Diane B.

She's a dentist and a sculptor too.  Mary W.

I can't believe she took that much time with me.  She was the nicest dentist I have ever talked to.  Tyler S.

I would go to the doctor's office a thousand times to avoid the dentist once, but I drive all the way here from the Brookfields because I feel so content here.  Jodi H.

That was the best novocaine shot I've ever had.  I couldn't feel it at all. You made everything so pleasant. Kerri M.

Doc, thanks again.  You are so gentle!  Julie L.

She's wonderful, she really is, and I am so happy with my dentures. We wouldn't trade her for the world.  Antonia G.

That was a really enjoyable experience, thank you so much.  Donna B.

I've got to tell you, you've got the gentlest touch.  Midge R.

You were so good and that was painless.  On the way over here, I was thinking "Oh my god, oh my god!" but I didn't even feel that at all.  Painless!  Thank you!  Patsy B.

I don't know what you do, but you do the novocaine so much better than every other dentist I've ever been to.    Lisa E.

Wow, you guys really have your stuff together.  And I never had the chance to thank you, but I wanted to let you know that everything that you did for me, from the beginning, to where you referred me, to my upper denture, I don't know how to say it, but it was all phenomenal.  Alan M.

That was super; absolutely painless.  Dan W.

I really appreciate all of the hard work that you do in my mouth.  Ramon F.

You're a good dentist.  I've been to a lot of dentists and they only lasted a couple of years.  So I brought you this (a gift)  Fran S.

Do you know when my Dr. was checking my tongue, I told him that my dentist does that too, and he couldn't believe it?  He thought that was great!  Claire B. 

It was phenomenal.  I felt nothing.  I didn't take anything after my implants were placed, not even one Advil.  Zero pain.  If I had known it was this easy, I would have done it years ago.  Rich K. (Speaking about his implant surgery at Berkshire Facial Surgery)

I was very pleased with my visit. Dr. Bouchard was very sweet, thorough and professional throughout the examination. She was patient and attentive while answering my questions. I felt very comfortable with the whole experience. Kim R.

You're all so wonderful here.  Really, I mean it, because if you weren't, I wouldn't be here.  Don M. 

As a new client, I felt that my first experience with Dr. Bouchard and her pleasant and efficient staff was great. The receptionist worked very hard to accommodate my scheduling needs, Kayla handled my nervousness very caringly and Dr. Bouchard's professional and detailed exam made me feel that I will be in good hands with my future dental needs. Linda S.

Dr. Bouchard is an excellent and caring dentist. She always takes the time to explain the procudure to me and discusses exactly what to expect. She is not only an outstanding dentist, but listens to the concerns of the patient. Dr. Bouchard cares about her patients, never seems rushed, and her office and staff are great. I have been a patient for a long time, am no longer nervous about going to the dentist and highly recommend Dr. Bouchard. Anonymous

Hygiene reviews:

Sam is great. Thorough, thoughtful and caring. Jane V.

Sam does a wonderful job each time I come for my check-up and cleaning. She is nice too! What more can you ask for?    Madeline D.

I wanted to let you know how much my daughter loved your hygienist.  She said she did a great job and she was so sweet.    Lisa G.

You did a wonderful job on my deep cleaning.  Nobody had ever showed me how to floss like that before. Lulu W.

I hate going to any sort of appointment, nevermind a dentist appointment, and the only reason I don't cancel them is simply because of how awesome my hygienist is! Anonymous

No hygienist has ever been able to remove all of that stain for me.  Thank you.  You had to work so hard for me, but I appreciate it so much!    Lynne Ann M.

You do such a great job, ever since you started doing my cleanings, it doesn't hurt anymore.  Mark B.

She did such a great job, she always does.  Between here and over there (Dr. Janice Yanni- orthodontist), my teeth are so well taken care of.  Lisa K

You're so gentle, it didn't even hurt.  I rave about you and tell everyone how great you are.    Linda G.

She does such a good job.  Really, she's so good at what she does!  Annette L.

You're so good at what you do!  Mary W.

Dr. Bouchard and Sam take the time to teach about how to take the best care of my teeth. I appreciate this as I can always learn more and have put a lot of money in my teeth so I want them in the best condition possible. Bev P.

You guys always do a super job.  My teeth always feel so clean. Thank you.  Kristen S.

The hygienist was attentive to my teeth and recommended a prescription toothpaste to help with the sensitivity. This type of service made a good impression on me. She also exlpained the procedures in advance which made me feel comfortable. Candice B.

My hygienist was excellent. The best I've had so far. Denis W.

I am always nervous about getting my dental x-rays as I have a small mouth, but I was pleasantly surprised they have a new device which is slimmer and more rounder than the provious device! A big sigh of relief for me, making my experience excellent in evey way. The staff at the office is always pleasant and accomodating for appointments and reminders. I had an excellent experience and strongly recommend. Anonymous

I had a great experience as always. I get very nervous about going to the dentist, but the staff is so great, I really don't mind going!!!! They are very conscience about giving you the best care for your teeth. Janice Z.

I was really impressed with the comfort of the x-ray process at this office. Bite wings have always been quite uncomfortable for me, and with the new technology being utilized, I was pleasantly surprised! Alexis C.